Dr. Stéphane Berg – Ridge Preservation

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Implant placement begins before the extraction stage. Most of the time, dentists are discovering the extent of bone loss during the extraction stage. If nothing is done at this stage, biological healing will leave a gap in the bone, which is challenging to manage.

Guided Bone Regeneration is the solution for ridge preservation as it enables avoiding narrow ridges, complete bone loss, significant loss of width, and keeping a useful height.

The choice of bone graft cement offers the ability to regain bone loss and maintain the width of the ridge while using no membrane, no screws, no pins, and leaving the site free.

Following the right protocol enables the clinician to regain the cortical plate and to perform an optimal implant placement in the regenerated bone.

In this Webinar, Dr. Stéphane Berg will detail the GBR protocols for significant bone loss and entire ridge preservation, allowing to regenerate a cortical plate simply and with high predictability.

Participants are welcome to ask questions live and get tips and methods to improve knowledge in bone grafting.

Dr. Stéphane BERG is native of Strasbourg, France.
He obtained his Doctorate from the Dental University of Strasbourg.
After graduated, he performed a master’s in Periodontology.
Then passionated by Implantology, he joined the Hospital Cochin in Paris, where he practiced with medical surgeons and dental surgeons, sharing different points of view and experience. He is a specialist in surgery, dental implants, and prosthodontics.



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